What are the benefits of labiaplasty?

What Are The Benefits Of Labiaplasty

Over the last few centuries, we have seen tens of changes in the meaning of beauty.But what is the real beauty that gives you a sense of power inside and gives you an incredible sense of confidence?

As a matter of fact, beauty happens when you, and only you, are feeling it from within! Nowadays, there are not just thousands of ways to make your skin better or your hair shinier. But also some to make beauty and break some taboos. Life is short, and nothing can stop us from living it to the fullest!

In this article, we will discuss one of them, the benefits of labiaplasty. It is possible to have large or uneven inner labia due to a genetic predisposition, pregnancy, and childbirth, weight gain, aging, or hormonal changes. It can be hard to feel confident, have sexual pleasure, and be physically comfortable in tight clothing, as well as exercise when your labia are hanging or sagging.  Labiaplasty is a simple surgical procedure that is use to reshape the vaginal tissue, with the majority of labiaplasties being focus on the inner labia. There are times when the surgery is focus on the outer labial tissue (labia majora) or the clitoral hood.

Many women at this point in time have a hard time discussing their concerns about labiaplasty with their doctor. Still, with a discreet conversation, many find that their confidence in the procedure increases as soon as they speak to their doctor about their concerns.

What Is Done During The Labiaplasty Surgery?

It is helpful to understand the procedure’s basics before exploring the many benefits of this kind of surgery. Several methods can be use to perform a labiaplasty. Two of the most common are the trim or wedge procedures, which are performe in different ways. Depending on the type of anesthesia being use, either local anesthesia or general anesthesia may be use. When a labiaplasty is to be performe alongside another procedure, general anesthesia is usually recommend in order to ensure the best results.

  • Trim procedure: This procedure is used to get rid of excess skin from the labia minora. So that it does not hang or sag past the labia majora. For the purpose of closing the edges of the labia minora, dissolvable sutures are used. As a result of this surgery, a small scar can be seen on the edge of the vaginal lip that is nearly invisible from the outside.
  • Wedge procedure: in this procedure, a segment of the tissue surrounding the labia minora is removed. As a result, the remaining tissue is stitch back together so that the scar that results is away from the labial edge, leaving no visible scar.

Labiaplasty is the process of reducing the size of the labial tissues in order to achieve the desired results. This procedure is performe quickly and efficiently under local or general anesthesia for the patient’s utmost comfort. It is important to note that the benefits of labiaplasty involves little discomfort or pain during the procedure. Within 1-2 weeks of the surgery, most patients are able to resume their normal daily activities. It is recommended that you avoid sexual activity for three weeks in order to allow your body to heal completely.

Detailed information about the process

It is possible to get a labia reduction without having to undergo general anesthesia if you have a high tolerance for pain. The majority of women prefer to undergo local anesthesia for sedation instead of a general IV sedation to minimize the risks associated with a general IV sedation. Ultimately, how you will be anesthetize will depend on your preferences. We will determine the best type of sedation for you during your initial consultation.

The majority of mothers choose to undergo a labia reduction procedure as a part of a “mommy makeover” since labor and childbirth are significant causes of an enlarged labia minora. A “mommy makeover” refers to a series of cosmetic surgical procedures that correct a number of the problems that most women suffer following childbirth. You can combine this surgery with tummy tucks, breast augmentations, or liposuctions.

Usually, patients are able to return to their everyday lives within a few days after the labia reduction procedure. In a short period of time after your procedure, your body will absorb the sutures we use, as they are dissolvable and will dissolve within ten days. It’s typical for most women to be able to resume their average level of activity after five days, with the exception of sexual activity, which should generally be avoide for a few more weeks after the procedure. The labia reduction procedure is a minor cosmetic surgery compare to many other cosmetic procedures.

What Are Some Of The Advantages Of Undergoing Labiaplasty?

As well as enhancing the appearance of the vaginal area, labiaplasty has the potential to reduce discomfort caused by large labial tissues, reduce irritation caused by irregular labia, reduce embarrassment or self-consciousness in intimate situations, boost a woman’s self-confidence in her vaginal appearance, and reduce embarrassment or self-consciousness in intimate situations., but let’s dig into it more benefits of labiaplasty:

Labiaplasty is a minor surgical
Labiaplasty is a minor surgical

Discomfort has been reduce to a minimum

It is possible to experience physical or psychological discomfort as a result of excessively large or uneven labia. Among the many benefits of labiaplasty is the reduction of chafing, tugging, and twisting. As well as the reduction of embarrassment and self-consciousness, allowing for an easier daily routine.

A more pleasurable sexual experience

There have been instances where vaginal lips have been caught, stretched, or otherwise interfered with sexual intimacy as a result of labiaplasty. The clitoral hood’s excess skin may also be reduced in order to make it easier for you to enjoy pleasure.

Labiaplasty in Istanbul
A large vaginal lip is embarrassing when wearing certain types of clothes

A better fit in clothing

A large vaginal lip is not only embarrassing when wearing certain types of clothes, but it can also be uncomfortable when wearing certain types of clothing as well. A legging or bathing suit, for example, is designe to tightly hug your curves. This means that when the fabric is press against your skin or any protruding structures, such as the lips on the vaginal area, the fabric will compress against them. You may experience discomfort or even pain when the fabric rubs against your labia, which is unpleasantly uncomfortable. If your lips are tuck between your external lips, this issue is eliminate as your lips are tuck between your external lips.

Exercise is more comfortable

In the same way that snugly fitted clothes can be uncomfortable. So can activities that require you to rub your genitalia against other surfaces, even through your clothing. The fact that your labia minora extends beyond the labia majora can cause discomfort when you ride a bike or ride a horse. Friction can cause irritation of the inner vaginal lips due to the extremely sensitive skin on the inner vaginal lips. It is possible to experience unbearable pain from chafing while jogging, but there is a solution that can help prevent you from quitting the activities you enjoy.

Having a labia reduction procedure can not only make sexual intercourse more pleasurable but can also make hiking, biking, and other activities like these more enjoyable. As a result of their enlarged labia, women with enlargements of labia often experience pain during sex due to their lips getting in the way. This can be alleviat through labia rejuvenation as well as making you feel better about your body during sexual interaction. It really does make it a win-win situation when it comes to how you have sexual intercourse!

Better hygienic conditions

There is no doubt that an excess of tissue can make hygienic tasks much more difficult than necessary. It will make you look younger and more attractive. A woman’s labia may sag even before the rest of their body begin to show the signs of aging as a result of hormonal changes. There is no doubt that labiaplasty is one of the best procedures for rejuvenating the skin and creating a more youthful appearance.

Gained a greater sense of confidence

Having self-consciousness about your labia can interfere with personal relationships, create intimacy anxiety, or even embarrass you when wearing tight clothes because it creates feelings of embarrassment. By reducing worry and enhancing self-assurance, labiaplasty can be an effective way to enhance confidence both in the public and private spheres.

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How Do I Learn More About The Labiaplasty Procedure?

We are so thrill to be able to offer this procedure, as well as other procedures, to improve a woman’s self-esteem, especially when it comes to improving their physical and sexual well-being. In the event that you are interest in discussing with your doctor whether the labiaplasty procedure is appropriate for you, click on this link to contact us.