Eyebrow Transplant

Great brows behind a great beauty

Did you know the eyes are the most important parts of our face? But eyebrows are the key to making them look beautiful! So if you feel unhappy with your eyebrows, No worries!
An eyebrow transplant is the best option. You will be amazed at how your eyes and even your face will look completely different afterward.
It’s great for people with even non-existent brows.
Eyebrow transplant

What is this face-altering eyebrow transplant?

What is that magical procedure?

In cosmetic surgery, eyebrow transplants are one of the most popular techniques for making your eyebrows appear fuller. There is no doubt that this is a permanent procedure that can last an entire lifetime. Hair follicles will be moved from your scalp to your eyebrows by a surgeon. It usually takes a couple of months after the procedure for the results to become apparent, but the recovery time is fairly quick.
Our Consultation Ensures Your Satisfaction

Our consultation ensures your satisfaction

  1. You will be examined by Dr. Abedini, and your medical history will be reviewed. Preparation is key. Be prepared to share your past and current medical history.
  2. If you have had any surgeries or medications in the past, please let your doctor know. Allergies to medications must be disclosed to her immediately.
  3. During your consultation with Dr. Abedini, you will be examined to determine the quality, density, and texture of your hair, along with how many grafts are needed to achieve the desired results.
  4. As part of your medical record, you will also take photographs. You will discuss with Dr. Abedini your expectations regarding your appearance after brow hair transplantation during your consultation.
  5. Dr. Abedini will discuss any noticeable thinning of your eyebrows over time, such as plucking and tweezing.

Become more beautiful with the best eyebrows of all time!

These are some of the best advantages of having an eyebrow transplant:
An eyebrow transplant can give your eyes a better frame regardless of the cause of your hair loss and thinning.

Nothing boosts your self-esteem more than natural but beautiful eyebrows! You will feel more confident with beautiful, thick, angular eyebrows.

Eyebrows play a major role in human communication through expressions on the face. The right eyebrow shape and angle help you express yourself more effectively
There is a unique way in which you can hide scars that are located around your eyebrow region.
There is no doubt that eyebrow transplants will remain permanent for many years to come, as they are a permanent procedure.
You don’t have to fill or draw eyebrows at parties or formal events when you have real eyebrows.
As long as you have a high density of hair, the results will look incredibly natural and realistic.

Reasons to count on us

The technique of eyebrow transplantation is well known. Having an acceptable result from an eyebrow transplant does not simply depend on the technique or the tools used. Whether you are confident enough to undergo this surgery depends on the physician’s experience and mastery.
Dr. Abedini is one of the most popular doctors in Istanbul because of her easy yet impressive aesthetic treatments. If you are hesitant about eyebrow transplants, Dr. Abedini is the safest choice for you because she examines each patient closely and offers the best treatments that present the individuality and uniqueness of her clients to experience a more promising and unique outcome.
Reasons To Count On Us

Your Eyebrow Transplant Questions answered.

In the end, it's all about the results

As there are three growth stages, the transplanted hair will shed in about two weeks. It takes about three months for the follicle to grow new hair. In most cases, the new hairs will last a lifetime with proper care. Grafted hair grows much faster than natural eyebrows, so it will need to be trained and trimmed more frequently than natural eyebrows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eyebrow Transplantation?
Eyebrow transplantation is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are transplanted from one area of the body to the eyebrows. The procedure is typically done to restore eyebrows that have thinned or been lost due to genetics, aging, or medical conditions such as alopecia or chemotherapy.
How Eyebrow Transplantation is done?
During the procedure, a surgeon will remove hair follicles from an area of the body known as the donor site, typically the back or sides of the head. The surgeon will then create small incisions in the eyebrows and transplant the hair follicles into these incisions. The transplanted hair will grow and blend in with the natural eyebrows, giving the appearance of fuller, thicker eyebrows.
How should I prepare for an eyebrow transplant?
It is best to consult Dr. Abedini first. You will be shown a few stencils by Dr. Abedini to help you decide on the shape and size of your new eyebrows.
What is the average time it takes to transplant eyebrows?
A typical eyebrow transplant takes between five and six hours. As a result, it is very important to plant the new hair in the same direction as the existing brow hair.
What is the pain associated with eyebrow transplantation?
Any discomfort can be relieved with a local anesthetic. Prior to the procedure, patients' pharmacies are contacted to obtain pain medications and valium.
How much eyebrow transplantation costs?
The cost of eyebrow transplantation can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the extent of the procedure, the location of the clinic or surgeon's office, and the individual's specific needs. In general, eyebrow transplantation is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not usually covered by health insurance.
What are the side effects of eyebrow transplantation?

Excessive Bleeding, Nerve Damage, Swelling, Bruising, Infection, Scarring