Central Lip Lift

Central Lip Lift

Central Lip Lift which is also known as upper lip lift is a kind of treatment that emphasizes the upper lip and enlargement performed in people who are not satisfied with the length of the upper lip area.

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What Is Central Lip Lift?

Lip Lift which is also known as upper lip lift is a kind of treatment that emphasizes the upper lip and enlargement performed in people who are not satisfied with the length of the upper lip area and this length distorts the facial proportions of the patient. In lip lift surgery, the area between the upper lip and the base of the columella is evaluated.

What's the Difference Between Lip Filling and Central Lip Lift?

Lip filling involves injecting a filler material into the lips to add volume and shape. There are several different types of fillers that can be used for lip filling, including hyaluronic acid-based fillers like Juvederm and Restylane. Lip filling can be used to add volume to thin or uneven lips, as well as to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth. The effects of lip filling are temporary and typically last for several months to a year before the filler is absorbed by the body and needs to be reapplied.

A central lip lift, on the other hand, involves surgically removing a small strip of skin from the middle of the upper lip to lift the central part of the lip and create a more defined Cupid’s bow. A central lip lift can be used to enhance the shape of the upper lip and create a more youthful, proportionate, and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The effects of a central lip lift are generally permanent, but the skin on the upper lip may continue to age and change over time.


Why Having Central Lip Lift?

One of the most common beauty discontent that people declare is a small and short upper lip that diminishes the elegance of their face. So with the help removing the excessive skin around the lip area of the upper lift and then an invisible, concealable and mostly harmless scar is made under the base of the nose and then pick up the skin and upper lip.

Although it’s very rare to happen, for some patients the skin of the line must be eliminated in order to have a more natural look. This process often happens for young clients and it may increase the length of the recovery process.

Why US?

As it was explained earlier, the process of upper lip lift is a delicate procedure that requires maximum dexterity and care to operate since one mistake could distort the beauty of the client. Many clients neglect the negative effects that performing upper lip lift may cause for them and change their appearance forever. Thus, it’s wise to choose the physician that has the maximum dexterity and familiarity with the Lip lift and its consequences. Dr. Abedini is the physician that you can have the most satisfaction with due to the fact that she is a careful examiner and detects the best angle of your face. She guides you to have the best result and feel more confident about your upper lip look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Side Effects Of Lip Lift?
Some slight redness or itching and bleeding may happen in the recovery process. However, Most people are worried about the visibility of the scar under their nose. With Dr. Abedini you can make sure that nothing unnatural or disturbing will remain after the operation.
How Long Does Lip Lift Surgery Take?
The Lip lift surgery takes about 1 hour. The amount of time needed for recovery varies from one patient to another. However, most clients can go back to their normal routine within a short period.
How Many Types Of Lip Lifts Are There?
There are several types of lip lifts available. You can get to know your preferable type of lift by discussing your options with Dr. Abedini.
How Much Does Central Lip Cost?
It depends on the package and the doctor you choose for treatment. Dr. Abedini offers a variety of packages at a reasonable price.
What Is A Scarless Lip Lift?
If a lip lift surgery is well done, there will be no evidence that you have got the treatment. Dr. Abedini with her years of performance is here to bring the best treatment experience in lip lift for you.