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About Dr. Abedini

Having taught aesthetics programs for so long, she has a lot of experience & wisdom in analyzing skin conditions and recommending the best procedure regimen.
Dr.sara abedini

About Dr. Abedini

With more than 33 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. Abedini specializes in offering the best beautification treatments, enhancing self-esteem, and improving the quality of life for those she treats. In more than a decade, she has trained more than 10,000 specialists who offer extraordinary beauty to people around the world.

She has created tailored solutions for more than 900 clients, and she has extensive experience analyzing skin conditions and recommending skincare regimens.

Her experience also includes collaborations with a large number of dermatologists. she worked with allied health specialists before surgery and after surgery.

In addition to being recognized as the best dermatologist of the year in Istanbul, she has also been recognized as one of the best trainers of Botox and Filler by many organizations.

What makes me famous in my community?

In Her Own Words

In every aspect of life, I have always stepped outside my comfort zone to learn something new. My closest friends call me a “wall breaker.”. I have inspired many women to follow my steps and make significant achievements through my lifestyle and support

Earning Dermatology Degree​

In Her Own Words

Dr. Abedini was still looking to expand her Medical skills to the areas she was most passionate about and that is women’s beauty and skin care. So, she took courses in European countries such as France, England, and Spain and received 25 certificates from top schools that gave her a comprehensive view of the skincare market and aesthetic medicine.
She still wanted more scientific knowledge about skincare so she went back to Shahid Beheshti Medical School and earned her Dermatology Degree in 2012.
She performed procedures while training other physicians in the art and science of aesthetic medicine.
Earning Dermatology Degree​ with Dr.abedini


We deeply believe in continuous learning

Skin Care and Beauty, and Cosmetology products

Help University Malaysia

Introduction to Skin and Hair Care Methods-Beauty Care Training

Oxford Cert University Academy

Non-Surgical Face and Body Lift-PDO COG Thread Lift

American University of Rome

Step by Step Skin Care Routine

NUS: National University of Singapore

BTX Therapy and Anti-Aging

Social Sciences University of Singapore

Correct Skin Care Sequence

R. Gandghi University of Health Sciences

Complementary Courses​

Teaching is a lifelong process of learning

Skin Care / Wound Treatment

BTX Therapy, Aesthetics

Dermal Fillers, Thread Lift

PDO COG Thread Lifting Training

Injection Lipolysis Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

ScarLet S Radiofrequency Therapy with Gold Needle