Surgical Treatments

Surgical Treatment

Dazzling Beauty Right At Your Door

We are so honored to be recognized as the premier facial plastic surgery center for patients who are seeking a natural look. We take your entire appearance into consideration in order to personalize your procedure just for you and get the best results possible. We combine artistry, science, and years of experience to ensure exceptional results.

Dr.abedini Surgical Treatment

Lifting Treatments​

Our clinics offer two types of Lifting: Mini Lifting and Eyebrow Lifting

Give your face a little upgrade by rejuvenating all parts of it.

Make yourself more attractive by a more penetrative eye and softer forehead.

Other Surgical Treatments

Experience the safest surgeries to achieve beauty.

Enjoy the flow of thee wind in hair like the good old days.

Maximize your intimidate life happiness with vagina tightening treatment

Live the lovely era of youth again with a small incision

Enlarge your lip for cuteness overload.

Buccal fat or cheek surgery is a well-known aesthetic operation to gain the softer, lighter and young looking skin

Time for a more densely eyebrow hair!

Make your nights shine with this quick treatment

Let the lights shine upon your eyes

Make your face’s beauty catch everyone’s eyes