Vaginal Rejuvenation Near Me For Vaginal Tightening Treatment

Various vaginal corrective procedures fall under the term vaginal rejuvenation. It is possible to lose the elasticity and strength of the vagina as a result of a variety of factors, such as childbirth, aging, and genetics. This leads to several problems, such as incontinence (leaking urine), dryness of the vaginal area, sagging skin, and an inability to have sexual pleasure. The vagina can rejuvenate through vaginal rejuvenation aim at women assign to females at birth (AFAB) in order to improve the appearance and function of their vagina. Vaginal rejuvenation can achieve surgically or non-surgically.

With Femi lift’s vaginal rejuvenation treatment, dryness, laxity, and mild leaking of the urine can improve without having to undergo surgery.

What is the Femi lift?

In no time, Femilift helps women regain their intimacy using minimally invasive vaginal regeneration. By using fractional CO2 laser energy, Femilift initiates a healing process that thickens the vaginal tissue and restores its function.  It is apply through the use of a probe inserted into the vagina.

Recovery time is also quick after this quick procedure. Femilift does not require anesthesia, which takes only 10 minutes in your doctor’s office. You can experience the results the same night after your procedure since there is no downtime! In the aftermath of your procedure, you will only have to recover from all the passion and intimacy you experienced.

With Femilift, you do not need multiple treatments to achieve your desired results, like with other vaginal rejuvenation procedures. After one Femilift laser vaginal tightening procedure, you will feel the results and no longer have vaginal dryness!

Femi Lift in Dr.Abedini Office
After one Femi lift laser vaginal tightening procedure, you will feel the results and no longer have vaginal dryness!

How effective is laser vaginal tightening?

There are many nonsurgical ways of rejuvenating your vaginal area, but the Femi lift is one of the most effective. The following symptoms are experience by women after three treatments:

  • Increasing natural lubrication
  • Getting a tighter vaginal canal
  • Incontinence cause by stress is better controll (urinary leakage)
  • Improved sexual satisfaction and vaginal dryness
  • Enjoying sexual activity with confidence and comfort
  • The Femilift helps improve the immune system response to the area, preventing chronic vaginal infections from coming back.

According to a 2017 study published in Practical Dermatology, laser treatments improved symptoms of participants’ vaginal rejuvenation treatments and medications safely and without downtime. There was a significant improvement in the symptoms of all patients who participated in the study. As a result of using the FemiLift, patients report sizeable gains in tightening, lubrication, and SUI improvements as soon as the treatment complete. Furthermore, they noted that the FemiLift allows selectively targeted treatment areas for maximum thermal efficacy and penetration depth. Femilift treatment has also report to increase the intensity of orgasms for many women.

Several reports on the effectiveness of CO2 lasers publish in the field of laser surgery and medicine. Their final analysis discovered that vaginal elasticity and tightening were more excellent, along with stronger pelvic muscle contractions. Women who are pre- or postmenopausal were studied in a 2020 clinical report on the treatment for vaginal dryness. Both test groups showed significant improvement in vaginal dryness without harming their vaginal function.

A Woman After Femi Lift
Femi Lift Can Change your Life

How many treatments will I need? How long do results last?

While every patient and case is unique, it is recommend that you complete three treatments, separate by four to six weeks. Femi lift treatments result in the development of collagen, elastin, and new tissue over the next 4-6 weeks. The moment you experience a decrease in your symptoms, this is the time when you will see them improve. Fewer treatments may temporarily improve your symptoms while maintaining your results over time requires the entire course of treatment.

there is no discomfort afterward

How will I feel after the treatment?

As a result of the treatment, there is no discomfort afterward. Each of the treatments should be accompanied by an increased feeling of pleasure and sensation in the vaginal area. If the lubrication of the vaginal area improves, the intensity of the orgasm may increase as well. It is important to remember that there are a few rare risks associate with this procedure, which your practitioner will discuss with you in detail. There is a possibility that some women may experience a watery discharge or spotting for only a few days or perhaps even a week. During the course of your consultation, your doctor will discuss any further concerns that you may have.

What if my symptoms are severe?

It is unlikely that women will experience any side effects after a FemiLift treatment. A watery discharge spotted with blood is the most common side effect. Within three days, any discharge should stop.

In mild to moderate cases, Femilift is the best choice of treatment for Irritation and dryness of the vaginal area; the vagina becomes stiff and inflexible because of vaginal atrophy, Incontinence due to stress during sex, there is no friction, painful Sexual relations, Vaginal laxity (lack of tightness).

A consultation is available before each treatment to ensure you’re a good candidate and that your expectations are met.

Is Vaginal Rejuvenation Covered by Insurance?

There are many questions you may have when considering vaginoplasty. As a patient, you will undoubtedly be concerned about both the cost and whether or not the procedure will be covered by your insurance. A procedure considered medically necessary will generally be covered by an insurance company; it is one that is essential for maintaining your health. Insurance policies are concrete about what is and is not covered. Hysterectomies, pelvic reconstructions, bladder repairs, incontinence slings, and uterine suspensions are some of the vaginal procedures typically covered by insurance. Because vaginal rejuvenation and vaginoplasty are considered elective surgeries, insurance plans do not cover them.