Can I Get Labiaplasty Covered?

Can I Get Labiaplasty Covered?

Labial hypertrophy with bothersome symptoms may necessitate labiaplasty as a cosmetic procedure. Cosmetic labiaplasty can performe without insurance coverage. An outpatient labiaplasty can bill through one’s insurance and performed at a surgery center when it is medically necessary. A patient who wishes to undergo Labiaplasty Surgery wonders if it can be covered. This question cannot answer simply with a Yes or No. Depending on your specific criteria, you might be eligible for Labiaplasty insurance.

Want to know if labiaplasty will be covered by insurance?

Labiaplasty is a procedure that women consider for a number of reasons. In the vaginal area, there is an excess of skin known as the labia, which needs to remove as a part of the labiaplasty procedure. According to studies in the medical literature, labiaplasty surgery is most commonly require for the correction of enlarge or elongate labia that can result from childbirth or aging. Some women may have had concerns about the size of their labia from puberty onwards, or the size of their labia may have been a problem after they successfully lost a substantial amount of weight through weight loss procedures or by dieting and exercising. There is no doubt that there are many reasons why you may be considering labiaplasty, but a common question is whether the cost of the procedure will be covered by your insurance.

Obviously, labiaplasty is a form of plastic surgery, as mentioned above. Insurance policies do not cover a majority of plastic surgeries, as they are doing primarily for cosmetic purposes. It should note, some insurance plans may provide partial or full coverage if there is a documented medical need for. There is no doubt that excessively large labia minora can result in discomfort and irritation. However, this is insufficient to prove that a labiaplasty is medically necessary. Rather than having a labiaplasty covering by insurance, women who wish to have a labiaplasty perform must document that their condition creates medical concerns or problems that have to address.

In some case, Insurance pay the bill for labiaplasty
In some case, Insurance pay the bill for labiaplasty

Insurance guidelines

It is unfortunate that labiaplasty surgery rarely cover or approve by insurance companies in most cases. A procedure evaluate by an insurance company to determine if it is “medically necessary.” This is doing in several different ways based on the criteria that they use. Reconstructive surgery or cosmetic surgery are two ways to define surgery. An example of reconstructive surgery is when an abnormal structure is correct, in order to improve the function. Generally speaking, cosmetic surgery refers to the reshaping or improving of features that are characteristic of a person’s anatomy. The purpose of surgery may be to improve the patient’s self-esteem or to improve his or her physical appearance. Insurance companies will classify labiaplasty as cosmetic and not “medically necessary,”. Because labia come in many different sizes and shapes, and labiaplasty is an improvement on the appearance or shape of a normal part of the body.

How Insurance pay the bill?

Insurance companies will take into account the issue has on a person’s day life when making an insurance claim. When your breasts are large and heavy, they can cause ongoing pain in your upper back and neck. For example, after undergoing breast reduction surgery. An insurance company will determine whether the surgery is covering or considering cosmetic based on documentation of the upper back and neck pain. Labiaplasty shown to be a safe and effective procedure for treating female incontinence for a variety of reasons. Including irritation from riding a bike and discomfort in tight clothing, such as yoga pants and swimsuits, due to the enlarge labia. There can frequent discomfort in this area of the body because of chafed skin in fragile part of the body. Despite the fact that this can negatively affect your daily life, insurance carriers are looking for a source of discomfort rather than proving a health issue. It should note, all insurance policies are different, but the majority will still consider labiaplasty to be an aesthetic procedure.

A Woman is Consulting About Labiaplasty
A Woman is Consulting About Labiaplasty Insurance

Insurance condition

There is a possibility that your insurance company will be able to prove the existence of these medical problems through your medical records. There are a variety of issues that you may have already discussed with your doctor:

  • The inability to urinate normally
  • Infections of the urinary tract (UTIs) that occur frequently or chronically
  • Chronic UTIs can lead to complications, such as kidney infections, as a result of chronic UTIs.
  • Sitting, walking, exercising, and having sex all result in chronic pain cause by the various daily activities.

If you have any medical complications related to enlarged labia minora, you should discuss them with your primary care physician. If you are interesting in a plastic surgery procedure, consult a plastic surgeon. You can convince your insurance carrier to cover the cost of your labiaplasty by submitting a copy of your medical records and any other relevant documentation to the company.