How long do nose fillers last?

How long do nose fillers last?

Nose filler injections are a popular treatment for rhinoplasty (nose job) and septoplasty patients. It is knowing as the most effective method with minimal risks for changing the nose shape. However, the most important question for patients is how long do fillers last for nose? In this article, we have answered this and other questions you may come up with. want to know more about How long do fillers last nose?! stay with us

Despite some people’s strong desire to do a nose job and improve their appearance, many of them fear and cannot imagine themselves undergoing plastic surgery. Therefore, non-surgical procedures have been grabbing attention during the past few decades. Nose filler is one of the most popular methods which paved the way for those seeking to change their nose shapes. Let’s see what nose filler or non-surgical nose job is.

How long do fillers last nose
How long do fillers last nose

How long do fillers last nose and What is a Non-surgical Nose Job?

Non-surgical nose job or rhinoplasty is a medical aesthetic procedure in which fillers are injecting to reshape the nose. It is called non-surgical as it is a non-invasive method involving no surgery. It is the best option for those not willing to undergo plastic surgery.

This procedure takes about 10-15 minutes, and the nose filler can last for different lengths of time depending on several factors, such as the filler’s type, and the area the filler is injecting.

How long does the Non-Surgical Nose Job last?

Nose fillers have temporary effects, and the body will absorb the substance over time. So the question is, how long do nose fillers last?

Most nose fillers are made of hyaluronic acid. Reports have shown that the length of time for this substance to stay in the body is from 6 months to 2 years. 

How long does it take until I see the results?

One of the reasons why nose filler is popular is that the results are visible after the non-surgical nose job. Contrary to the surgical procedure in which the desired results appear after a couple of months, in non-surgical nose jobs, patients can enjoy their noses with a new shape right after the injection is done!

 What happens after nonsurgical rhinoplasty?

As mentioned before How long do fillers last nose  , nose filler injection is a non-invasive procedure in which desired results are gained with minimal risks and side effects. That said, one may experience slight discomfort, such as swelling and bruising. But you don’t need to be concerned about it. These side effects will disappear after one or two days.

Even though nose filler injection is temporary and doesn’t last for a long time, its safety and effectiveness make it worth giving a try. Now that you know how long nose filler last and what the side effects might be, you can make up your mind about it and get ready for a non-surgical nose job.