Does smoking affect BOTOX® results?

Does Smoking Affect BOTOX® Results?

According to studies, cigarettes don’t negatively impact the BOTOX® effects right after you smoke one, but it will have a gradual effect in the long term and tends to diminish the benefits. Smoking and other activities containing nicotine affect the collagen you get through BOTOX®.

So, isn’t there a way to make BOTOX® effects last longer? In this article, you’ll read more about the ways to increase Botulinum Toxin durability and treat smoker lines.

Does Smoking Affect BOTOX® Result
Does Smoking Affect BOTOX® Result

How to make Botox last longer?

Even though BOTOX® is proven to be very effective for many uses, the effects are temporary and can fade away after a while. However, there are some ways you can postpone the elimination of BOTOX® in your muscles. Here are a few useful ways:

Monitor your stress

Everyone knows that stress can have harmful effects on the body, especially the skin. It unintentionally leads you to frown and contract your muscles. Therefore, you should change your lifestyle into a more stress-free one.

Avoid too much sunlight 

Sun damages on the skin are inevitable. Use sunscreen suitable for your skin to avoid harmful sun rays and protect the BOTOX® injected into your muscles. Stay away from the sun as much as you can and make sure no sun damage can reach your skin.

Keep your skin moist

Using a high-quality face moisturizer is crucial to keep your skin moist during the day. Collagen and hyaluronic acid-rich moisturizers can be especially helpful since they maintain your skin well and slow down the rate at which it fades away the BOTOX® effects in your face muscles.

With BOTOX® injection, smokers’ lines can be removed quickly and easily. This procedure can plump up the lips, reducing creases around the mouth and upper lip. These injectable toxins work best for lines that are not yet noticeable when the mouth is relaxed and can stop the smoker’s lines from being indented into the skin. BOTOX® injections can lessen the look of deep wrinkles but cannot remove them entirely. So, you should repeat injections as the effects can disappear over time.