What is the SMAS facelift?

What is the SMAS facelift?

SMAS facelift is considered a standard face lift surgery as well as a neck lift, which we will discuss in this article and we will also mention its steps, advantages, and candidates, so stay with us.

SMAS lift is one of the most complete and excellent methods for a face lift, with the help of which the sagging skin of the face is lifted, the position of the fat layers of the cheeks is changed, and, the muscles under the middle and lower part tightened to create a better shape on the face and neck.

Also, with the help of this surgical method, it is possible to remove excess skin bringing about a longer and more natural result than other face lift techniques because it also covers the deeper layers of the face.

SMAS facelift procedure


At this stage, surgeons anesthetize the patient using general anesthesia or use intravenous sedatives to anesthetize the patient.


In the cutting stage, depending on the type of the surgery, the surgeon makes incisions in the following areas

  • In hair growth of the temples
  • Around the ears
  • Bottom of the scalp
  • Under the chins
  • And in some cases, inside the mouth

3.Close the incision

The last step of the SMAS facelift method is closing the incisions. After performing the necessary procedures, the doctor stitches the incisions using one of the following methods.

  • Absorbable sutures
  • Non-absorbable Sutures which should be removed after a few days
  • Using skin glue.

Advantages of SMAS face lift

This surgical facelift method has many advantages including the following:

  • This is a standard method for facial rejuvenation. Many face lift cosmetic surgeons believe that this method has better results compared to other traditional ones.
  • In addition to smoothing the skin and removing its sagging, this method can treat or reduce deep wrinkles, laugh lines, and signs of aging.
  • The result of this method lasts ten years or more and its results are preserved even with aging. Also, in this method, it is not necessary to perform anesthesia and it can be used with IV or oral sedative local anesthesia.

The best candidate for the SMAS facelift

People with the following characteristics are suitable candidates for SMAS face lift:

  • People with sagging in the middle part of the face, as well as people who have deep wrinkles under the lower plates.
  • Those who have deep folds along the nose that extends to the mouth are also among the candidates for a surgical face lift.
  • Elderly patients and people with weak and loose face skin
  • Those who do not want to undergo various surgeries should choose this method because it has stable results.

Side effects and risks of SMAS lift

This method may have side effects such as asymmetry, sensory nerve damage, and scarring. Also, the possibility of infection and bleeding or blood clots, and heart problems are other possible side effects of this method that have been reported by the patients in rare cases.

Preparing before SMAS lift

  • Performing the blood tests prescribed by the surgeon for the patient
  • Avoiding certain foods and drinks and not smoking
  • Avoiding aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Disadvantages of the SMAS facelift

  • The method does not solve skin surface concerns such as fine lines and age spots.
  • The SMAS lift method is a more complicated surgical procedure compared to other methods and requires two weeks for recovery after it is performed.
  • Another disadvantage of this method is that it is not used for correcting around the eyes and eyebrows and it only covers the lower part of the face from the cheek to the neck.