How Long Does Chin Filling Lasts

How Long Does Chin Filling Lasts

Those who are not happy with the shape of their chins might find chin dermal filler injection the best and most effective way to improve the appearance of the lower area of their faces. By injecting chin filler into the skin, the substance locates between the skin and muscles, increasing the volume and giving it a new desired shape.

Sometimes chin and jaw fillers are misunderstood and tend to be considered the same as the areas are close to each other. However, they both go into the face’s lower area and make it look naturally beautiful. In this article, you will learn more about chin filler injection sites, how long it lasts, and how long it takes to settle.

Everything you should know about chin filling’s durability

Though chin filler is a helpful solution to reshape the chin area and volumize it, it won’t last forever. So, if you decide to try a chin filler procedure to improve your chin shape, it’s important to know about the filler’s durability and how often you need to repeat it.

A Woman Getting Filler
A Woman Getting Filler

Can jaw and chin fillers be replaced?

The fact is that chin filler injection sites include the lowest part of the face connected to the jawlines. So, when chin filler is injected into the skin, it separates the chin from the neck and highlights the jawlines. As a result, chin filler can indirectly affect the shape of jawlines. 

That said, these two fillers cannot be replaced by each other. Despite, they both affect the chin and jawlines similarly, they have different functions in some ways.

Chin fillers are made of different substances with different lengths of durability. The shortest-lasting substance, hyaluronic acid, is the most common substance of fillers which typically lasts from six to twelve months. However, some high-quality fillers might last up to 24 months. You should perform the treatments once or twice a year to gain and maintain your desired outcomes.

How long does it take for chin filler to settle?

The advantage of derma fillers is that the changes are visible right after it’s applied to the chin filler injection. However, it takes a while for the chin filler to settle completely, and the desired results are finally seen. The average length of time estimated for the chin filler’s settling is two weeks.