Dr. Abedini’s Biography

Dr.Abedini's Biography


Born to Be Tough

Being a daughter of a seaman is never easy. It will grow a passion inside you to not suffice for anything ordinary. When I was little, my dad would take me as his company on all trips, opening my eyes to all the beauty in the world. It was hard not to fall in love with art, a way to capture beauty and make it last forever. Painting was the type of art that became my best friend at that time. It became a ritual for me; a way that helped me express myself and reflect passion into the world.


Loss of a Beloved One

My mother was a member of the parliament in 1970s in a third-world country. Only the people in power would know how hard it is for a woman to get such a place in politics. She was an educated and tough woman and taught me a lot till she passed away. I was only fourteen years old when I lost my mother but she will always stay as my role model. It was a heavy phenomenon to handle at that time. Seeing me become a successful doctor was always my mother's wish. However, making her proud and seeing her eyes sparkle of happiness was taken from me for the rest of my life.

Dr. Abedini

Chasing a Dream…

Since my mother raised me strong as steel, this incident not only did not slow me down but made me more determined to achieve that goal, giving me a purpose and motivation to keep on going no matter what happens. So, I kept on going, the road was long, and the challenges were too many. With my continuous education, I learned so much in the way. After getting a Ph.D. in MBA at Bangalore University, I got enrolled at the Azad university of Tehran to earn a master's degree in psychology. After that, I proceeded to get another master in medicine, which still did not suffice for me. I got another Ph.D. in medicine with a focus on dermatology. At the same time, I performed procedures while training other physicians in the field of dermatology.


Everything Has a Price

I was slowly stacking my skills to move forward, to get a higher place in society, and to make my mother proud. I always had the belief that success and effort are the two plates of a balance scale. The heavier you put in, the heavier you can lift. In order to lift the heavy weight of success, you must put in heavyweights of education, experience, and trial and error.

Dr. Abedini

Learning to Connect

My Ph.D in psychology made me empathize with each person's situation and comprehend them thoroughly. This ability was built in me step by step… by not only gathering knowledge but my turning my information and education into wisdom, enhancing my skills, and investing in my talents.


What My Path Led Me

My passion for art led my career to become an aesthetic doctor. This way, I could draw people in the way they like it, in the way to be as beautiful as they would dream. In this path, my knowledge of aesthetics would help us live that dream.

Dr. Abedini

Ante Up!

As I said, being daughter of a seaman was never easy. Seeing the world being that infinite makes you unhappy with having a finite life… a limited one. In my professional career, I realized what makes people follow is having the proper communication with them. This led me to follow a fantasy of becoming a psychologist, explore the borders of how people think, react and what makes them special.


Living on the Fastlane

I was on the life's fast lane. Moving forward, keeping the people who would help me, and separating from the one's on the other tracks. Many rich people made purposes to me. They said they would give me gigantic houses, super sport cars and large amounts of money, just to be their partner and choose a still life. I found them all narrow-minded because I did not do all these to make money. I was an artist and was more than that. I was chasing experience and a story and wanted to be remembered for all the good things I have done to people. This was something they would never realize. So, I gradually stayed away from them, to build a better future for me and my patients.

My Fellow Traveler

Being on my path of achieving my longtime dream, I met a man. A man who was on the same road as me and brightened my life. This person… he did not offered to lead me. He didn't want me to lead him. He said let us walk together on this path and be friends.

Happy Ever After

The more I got to know him, the more I got attracted. We got married to celebrate the success we will be having. As you may know, "happiness is only real when shared." We founded a clinic in Turkey to give consultations to people who want to share beauty. As a result, we help them achieve what they always desire. Feel free to make an appointment, be redesigned, and start to be fantastic today.